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Loopi loom instructions-kind of

In Loopi Loom on August 18, 2010 at 3:11 pm
Hello, quite few people have been asking me for instructions on the loopi loom, well i havent managed to get pics yet, but here is instructions,quickly, to try and help.
You will need about 200g of yarn and 4-5 foot or 3 metres yarn or ribbon for up the middle of your scarf.
Make a slip knot on a length of yarn or ribbon you want to go up the middle of your scarf, usually about 3 metres or 4 or 5 foot.

Open out the loop so easy to find and lay the yarn through the middle of your two pegs ,with the large loop off the top end.

starting from the left or right peg, start winding your main balls of yarns, in a criss cross/figure of 8,

so if starting on the right, have the yarn at the top of the peg,run through diagonally to the left peg at its bottom, then wrap clockwise around the left peg and diagonally through the two pegs to the bottom of the right peg,then wrap yarn up round right peg,anti clockwise and again through the two pegs diagonally to the bottom of the left peg, continue for six full circuits, the…to make sure you dont end up with a big heap on your lap lol…

bring the length of yarn at the bottom, nearest you,up over your wrapping and push through the large loop in an n or u hold on to the new loop and pull the previous loop up tight and carry on wrapping again until you reach your desired length,re-looping every 6 circuits, to finish just put the length of yarn through the loop and pull tight.

Hope this helps as need the loom infront of me really,

Loopi Loom

In Loopi Loom on April 21, 2010 at 5:40 pm

For all you lovely people asking about the Loopi Loom, i have contacted Hayley and she says its ok, so will try and post a pictorial/ instruction on here as soon as i have time. As would send a ten page email and still not get to the point.xx