Popcorn Crafters Companion launch on Ideal World/Create & Craft

In Crafters Companion Popcorn Create and Craft Ideal World on June 22, 2009 at 10:09 pm

These are my samples of the new Popcorn Cd and stamps by Crafter Companion being launched on Wednesday 24th 9pm , on Ideal World and Create & Craft, Sara said I could put the pics on here tonite.
It is a wonderful triple cd,although will be being sold separately also. And there are 12 sets of gorgeous stamps, with the main image being really large!!

The paper is using the Crafters companion special effect printer paper which I printed one of the backing papers onto.

The centre of the exploding is one of the stamps which I coloured using my ever faithful whispers brush markers,then I sprayed with Crafters Companion Spray and shine,which gives a wonderful lacquered effect.

This is a large card,using printable vellum,which I printed this gorgeous image of popcorn. I sprayed all the backing papers with Spray and Sparkle which gives an amzing effect to any paper!

This is a large square card, I used the image and backing papers frpm the cd,which I sprayed the paper with Spray & Sparkle glitter spray and the image I sprayed with Spray & Shine.
The little duck ‘souffle’ is one of the stamps

This is the decoupaged image on the cd.

This is a large A4 card which I sprayed the backing card with Spray & Sparkle glitter spray and sprayed the card used for the waterfalls with Spray & Shine. the waterful is taken from the topper section of the floral cd.

This is an A5 card,using the decuopage image from the floral cd, I again sprayed the the decoupage with the Spray & Shine and the backing paper and card with Spray & Sparkle

This is a large a4 card using the pyramage image from the ‘mens’ cd

Another large square card using a decoupage image from the mens cd,backing papers sprayed with spray & sparkle and image & alphabet sprayed with spray & Shine

  1. Enjay, keep telling myself that this CD and stamps looks horrible – but it's not working!!!! Not sure I'll be able to resist as I grew up with people buying me Forever Friends cards and I still do get the odd one. These are gorgeous samples as usual. kym xxx

  2. These are stunning cards and projects. Anesha

  3. Fab exploding box, you have been busy. Kim

  4. Wow Enjay your creations are just stunning and I have fallen in love with popcorn, just beautiful.Hugs Linda

  5. I love them all….you are to damn clever hehe love ya really, well Ive been and gone and done it….started doing my own blog..haha thats a laugh its more my old woman ramblings at the min….but I neeeed help, its a computer, I can order stuff, I can print, I can get where I want to but making things on one emmmmmm any tips you can give me cause it looks soooo boring…take pity on an old woman who has just paid £80 to have a tooth pulled out hehe

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