90th Birthday card for my lovely nan!

In la pashe 90th birthday on March 27, 2009 at 12:42 pm

This is a large card i made for my nan for her 90th Birthday.
As they are from Chester-le-street County Durham, her family were all workers in the pits and the one her family worked in is now Beamish museum. So this La pashe decoupage,I obtained fron Joanna Sheens Online shop, suited her perfectly, as she loves anything to do with steam trains and coal pits.
I used a4 card and creased a spine down the centre to act like a book, which i ran the ribbon down, I covered the front with a piece of A5 glitter card and mat and layered the greeting backing paper.

Inside I added the embossed diamond cards and then the la pashe picture,for the 90 I typed it on word using word art, cut out in suitable card and embossed with my big shot and a cuttlebug folder

I added the flowers using silcone to give them strength. This is a self standing card, with the centre the main feature.

  1. This is beautiful. She’s going to love it 😀 xoxo

  2. beautiful card she will lovew it

  3. beautiful card nicola hope your cold is better soooonluv and hugslinniexxx

  4. Absolutely adorable and heart touching card!! You have done great job!!

  5. Fab card for your Nan.Cazzy x

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