Alison needs help

In Troop cards on March 2, 2009 at 11:07 am

Alison has a request,checkout her blog for more info…….
PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWER POSTS, THANK YOUI live on a small island on the west coast of Scotland. My local branch of the British Legion are currently sending parcels to Iraq and Afghanistan for the British troops and I asked if they would like some cards to put in the boxes for the troops to send home to their loved ones or kids. To know that we can put a smile on someones face receiving a card from there loved ones that are so far away warms my heart. So what do you think girls, can we make them some cards? If you can help me out by sending me one or two cards it would be very much appreciated. Just a couple of things to remember about the cards
Cards sizes that are suitable A6, 6″ square or smaller, 7 x 5
The inside of the card must be blank, you can put a paper insert in if you wish but just leave it blank.Once you have made your card, email me (its in my profile) and I will send you my address. Oh and just another wee thing if you could spread the word for me I would really appreciate it.If you are interested in making a card or two please leave a comment on this post.*If you have a blog you could put your blog address on the back of the card and maybe say “With compliments” just a thought but not necessary*


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