In CHARMED CARDS AND CRAFTS, CraftyComputerPaper, Dottie T-shirt on May 8, 2008 at 10:03 am

As its such lovely weather I made some t-shirts.

I used ‘funtime Dottie’ download for the summertime Dottie T and ‘Dottie at home'(see the blinkie) for the Pink T.

Using Iron on transfer paper for light fabrics from CraftyComputor Paper,excellant company,first class delivery times!!

I imported an image onto word and adjusted the image to my desired size,then added the’summertime Dottie’ in on WordArt and added colour accordingly.

I then printed the deign onto the transfer paper. Leaving it to dry throughly I then used Whispers Watercolour Pens to add the colour, they work perfectly ,straight onto the transfer paper!!

Cutting around the images and peeling the backing paper off the transfer,using a wax paper sheet ontop between iron and image, I used a hot,dry Iron, best to try a sample piece as the iron has to be hot enough to seal the transfer or else the design wont be water proof and will run when wet or washed,I have the iron on Cotton but with no steam,obviously it depends what fabric you are using too,these are cotton t-shirts,would you believe only 75p from Asda!!!

And these are the finished results!!

  1. WOW! Nicola!! The T-shirts are FAB!and I think the lil model is adorable too!! xx

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