In Charmed Cards and Crafts sketch challenge #4, Dottie at home, Dottie Card on April 3, 2008 at 9:06 am

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Yes its that wonderful little lady… Dottie….This is taken from the download ‘Dottie at Home’ designed by the amazingly talented Louise Brigden over on Crafts by Louly and is available on Charmed Cards and Crafts as a set . I made this card for the Charmed sketch challenge#4

I had the misfortune of melting the bag under a lap tray with my iron and there were polystyrene balls everywhere, go to the supermarket, pulled my ‘green’shopping bag out and covered the checkout with balls!

Anyway I had the Brainwave to use the polystyrene balls as bubbles for the bath, I layered the bath, added a flappy towel & brads for floating bubbles and then using tacky glue added the balls, so I now can look at the Poly balls in a more creative way!

  1. NICOLA I LOVE DOTTIE,and your use of the poly balls is brilliant.. very clever.take care and be good to yourself.chriss x

  2. He he, I love the balls story, so funny. I keep saying this but I think this is my favourite of yours so far, you just get better and better. Thank you once again for telling peeps where they can get Dottie. You’re the best hun. xx

  3. hi nicola,just popped over to say u are invited over to my place ,,, i have a little somthing for you.chriss x

  4. This card makes me smile when I see it. I love your use of the polystyrene balls! LOL 😀 xxx

  5. What a fantasic idea for the bubbles … they look great!

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