I made this Pop-up card for Jules/DevonBunny on Crafts Beautiful Site

In Crafts Beautiful forum, Moderators, POP-UP CARD on March 5, 2008 at 11:35 am

Jules is the member of the month on the Crafts Beautiful forum. She sent sucha lovely card and ATC to me when my little one was ill, I wanted to send something in return.

And now

And myself
are the new Moderators on the forum, which I was very honoured to accept!!

  1. What a lovely card and gesture. And how great to be chosen as a moderator

  2. It is fabulous hunny, I am really chuffed that you made it for me and I will treasure it.Well done on being chosen as a moderator, I think we will have to agree to moderate each other lol.

  3. That is beautiful, yet again you’ve made someones day, you’ll soon be sprouting angel wings. Great news about being a moderator you deserve it, you do such a great job on there.

  4. Wonderful projects as always!You girls are gonna be fantastic mods. well done all of you!

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